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A collaborative base between myself and drakeroot, this can be used to create portraits for dragonborn, argonians, lizardfolk, anthro lizards, dragons, and pretty much anything reptilian!

This purchase includes an easy to use Picrew version of the generator for those less comfortable with digital art and a PSD version for those who enjoy more in-depth editing. Both create uncolored portraits so they can be colored in whatever medium you wish! Both versions have a plethora of options and have more to come.

Options include: 

  • 19 clothing and accessory options (not currently available in Picrew version)
  • 6 extra options
  • 4 nose horns
  • 10 eye options
  • 6 eye ridge options
  • 11 ear/cheek options
  • 15 horn options
  • 16 cheek options
  • 10 crest options
  • 10 mouth options
  • 15 face shape and chin options
  • 10 belly scales options
  • 6 scar options (not currently available in Picrew version)
  • 10 face scale options
  • 10 body scale options
  • 7 marking options (not currently available in Picrew version)
  • 5 wing options
  • 18 background options (condensed and colored in Picrew version)
  • plus, feel free to add your own! 

This base can be used for personal uses (that means your TTRPG characters!) and designing characters for sale, and not for illustration commissions or merchandise. Please credit both me and drakeroot when posting art on this base on social media!

As mentioned above, this base is still undergoing development, slowed by my current visual impairment. If there are any issues or you're curious about what's to come (or want to make a suggestion), please do reach out! The next updates are weight texture adjustments (correcting scale alignments on the Picrew version) and gemstone dragonborn features!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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